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How can organizations use microlearning

Source: How can organizations use microlearning in their existing learning & development curriculum? New technologies or approaches often get labeled as disruptors to an existing way of working or doing things. A big issue in most cases is not adopting the technology but breaking…


Measuring your Digital Learning ROI – How to do it?

  A lot has been mentioned about the digital transformation that organizations are currently undergoing. According to a PwC survey, annual digital revenue adds up to ~$500 billion over the next 5 years. Enabling digital technologies in select industries is expected to save $421 billion…

Microlearning helps to improve learning outcomes

Microlearning Microskills in 2017

Introduction to Microskills Digital learning solutions that target skill development in the 21st century will increasingly be centered around engagement as opposed to compliance, as Josh Bersin from Deloitte rightfully noted in his post on Digital Learning. The focus on skill development will have to…